Sony: PS4 “demand may well outstrip supply”

PS4 Console

Company raises sales estimates following positive E3 experience

Following a positive response at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sony has upped its sales estimates for the PlayStation 4.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House revealed the more optimistic projections but refused to go into specifics.

“Deamand may well outstrip supply,” he offered, suggesting that Sony had struck a cord with consumers over its stance on supporting older games through its cloud service.

“There’s potential in this area.... It’s critical for videogames as an industry to figure this out,” House concluded

Jack Tretton, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, agreed, saying that executives at retailers have already pledged to snap up “every single unit” the company puts out.

“We’re excited about the momentum,” he said.

The general consensus seems to be that Sony has the edge on Microsoft in the current PR battle to win over hearts and minds (and, ultimately, wallets) ahead of the end-of-year launches of the new consoles.

By embracing tougher anti-piracy measures and requiring a constant internet connection, Microsoft's Xbox One made early enemies, while Sony's PlayStation 4 avoided such controversies and undercut the price of the competition by $100.


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