Nintendo: We don't care what competitors are doing

Wii U

CEO Satoru Iwata hopes to turn round the Wii U's fortunes by focusing on games.

While Sony and Microsoft have been the highlight of recent news with their new console launches, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata reminds gamers not to count them out, as a slate of new games could reinvigorate the Wii U.

Speaking to CNN, Nintendo's CEO and president admitted the company had made a misstep in its launch of the Wii U, leading to limp sales of the console.

However, Iwata promises that a strong roster of anticipated titles will breathe new life into the struggling console, with big name franchises returning in Pikmin 3, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Bayonetta 2 as well as new outings from Mario and Donkey Kong, among others.

Pushing these games in the shadow of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could be seen as a near impossible task, but the Nintendo boss said he was unfazed by his competitors.

"We just don't care too much about what other companies are doing or are trying to do... Our primary focus is to think about and actually carry out something which other company's hardware can never realise. We are trying to provide consumers gaming experiences that can only be available on Nintendo platforms,” he commented.

Proclaiming “software sells hardware," he said that Nintendo's aim was to create unique attractions for the Wii U that will see the device embraced by consumers.

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