The Plane or The Train?

Go Euro Search

I was about to start planning a weekend trip to a wedding, and was already burned out.

Before I even began, I was vexed. Train or plane? I refilled my coffee. I checked my email. I wondered when I could get a manicure. I checked my email again.

I was stuck on the age-old problem: When travelling between London and Paris or London and Glasgow, or New York and Boston or New York and DC, what's the best way to go? The flight is only about an hour, but you have to get to the airport, wait for your flight, and in from the airport. Pretty soon, you're nearing four hours of travel time. Is the train better? The station is closer and you don't need to get there an hour ahead of time, but they journey itself is longer. The total travel time is pretty close, as often is the price.

Some of my friends put a high value on avoiding hassle. Flying is definitely more of a hassle. Others prefer the work-time allowed on a relaxing train ride. The smart ones take the time to sleep. But flying feels faster for someone in a rush. I sighed. I guess I was just going to have to buckle down and lay out the options. Again.

I looked at my email one last time. Like an angel descending from the sky (in an airplane, natch) with the promise of saving my sanity, I received the following: "Go Euro is a multi-mode travel search platform that is supposed to take the work out of Googling everything individually."

I perked up. Maybe this wasn't going to be so annoying. And you know, it wasn't.

This particular wedding is in Glasgow. I entered my criteria, going on Friday, returning on Sunday, and hit search. An overview of the travel options were presented at the very top.

The train takes 4:31 and costs £137.91.

Flying takes 3:57 and costs £156.50.

Driving takes 6:30 and costs £145.40.

The only thing I was clear on was driving. No way.

I tabbed through the train and plane options, which detailed the journeys. Lots of Virgin Trains, leaving from Euston. Not great. Lots of easyJet flights leaving from Stanstead. Ugh. But wait! A BA flight leaving from City? Perfect. A little more expensive (£177.80), but just what I needed for this trip.

Whoa. My trip was sorted in less than five minutes. I was no longer burned out and i had time to get a manicure. Talk about a result!