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Baz Luhrmann’s much anticipated movie The Great Gastby has revived the romanticism for the roaring twenties. This blockbuster was released about a month ago, and has received praise from critics and movie goers alike. If we can find the will power to tear our eyes away from Leonardo di Caprio long enough, we may notice the glamorous style captured by the film and the endless fashion possibilities. Here are a few tips on how to get that glitzy Gatsby look.

A few years ago, you may have associated the term “Gatsby” with a cheesy dress-up theme common amongst 50th birthday bashes and pitiful office parties. Any self-respecting costume store would have a wide (and very mundane) selection of “Gatsby” outfits – complete with feathery head gear and plastic cigarette holders. But with the recent release of the box office hit, The Great Gatsby, the term has grabbed the attention of the fashion world, and the nostalgia F. Scott Fitzgerald captured years ago has been revived.


Think flapper dresses, with thin straps and a great deal of detail. Think fabulous feathery head pieces and sparkly garbs with low waist lines. As the tall and elegant beauties in the film remind us, the Gatsby style emphasises arms, neck, shoulders and collar bones. No over-the-top bust line or showing off your tiny waist. These iconic loose dresses with their frills and sequins and bold embroider patterns are made for dancing.

Colours and textures

Silk, sequins, feathers and frills are all instrumental to the Gatsby look. Colours include soft pastels, gold, black, but a splash of red lipstick is always welcome.



What would the roaring twenties be without oodles of jewels? Dazzling diamonds – from chandelier-styled earrings to necklaces go hand-in-hand with this look. The use of feathers and headbands are also encouraged if the occasion allows it. To further complement your outfit, add a bejewelled clutch bag and trade in your Pretty Ballerinas for some gorgeous strappy heels.


Where to get it

Be on the lookout for this trend from top-end designers to inclusive retail brands. If you’re looking for both an affordable and exclusive piece with Gatsby flair, why not try local thrift or vintage shops? You may just find a few authentic treasures (that really are from the 1920s).


How to wear it

At the risk of your Gatsby-inspired outfit looking exactly like the rented costumes mentioned above, combine subtle features of the trend and remember to tailor it to the context in which you’ll be wearing it. Keep colours to pastels and only attempt wearing feathers if the occasion merits it.

Anyone can pull off the Gatsby look: whether it’s for an over-the-top evening soirée or by just adding subtle elements to your work outfit. Whichever the case, enjoy the Gatsby flair of sophistication and have fun with it!

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