Maximum Grillage

Summer Grilling 1 Remington Phillips

With a sunny weekend ahead, I needed inspiration, even though grilling season really only just began.

We've had lamb burgers, pulled pork burgers and cheeseburgers. We've had amazingly tasty marinated shrimp, flank steak marinated in soy sauce and lemon juice, and chicken marinated in Greek dressing. We've had gourmet hot dogs, corn, asparagus and kebabs, along with the best lamb chops in the world. In other words, we've covered all the basics. What next?

Leave it to the New York Times to come up with a list of 101 Fast Recipes for Grilling (with an occasional dash of humour). We may never be bored at the grill again. Here are five picks we're trying out next weekend:

22. Cut a slit in as many ripe figs as you like; stuff with herbed goat cheese (or cream cheese mixed with chopped nuts) and grill slowly. Appetizer or dessert? Your call.

33. Smear hanger, skirt, flatiron or other steak with mustard. Grill and serve with grilled shallots.

41. Bacon-wrapped hot dog. You know you want one.

58. Shrimp and chorizo. Serve with lemon or a little vinaigrette.

101. Actually, this is a drink: Skewer green olives, then char them a bit. These would be a good garnish for shrimp, chorizo or anything else. But instead, make yourself a fantastic dirty martini.

Click here for the other 96 ideas, and print it out for future reference.