How Do RBS Men Shape Up In The Relationship Stakes ?

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You might not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can sure tell a lot about a (male) banker from where he works...

Although our researcher is unable to give you a run-down on every financial markets employee, she does have an intimate knowledge of several firms by virtue of the relationships she has enjoyed with members of their staff over the years.

First off, the judging criteria: grooming, personality, net worth, intelligence, ambition, loyalty, honesty, respect and physical attributes.

And here's how the men at Royal Bank of Scotland were rated (out of 10, 10 being the highest mark):

Grooming: 6 - more Polish builder than polished professional

Personality: 8 - fun to be around, with a strong sense of the absurd

Net Worth: 4 - all those years under state ownership have taken their toll

Intelligence: 6 - not rocket scientists, but know a great deal about the important things in life (sport and beverages)

Ambition: 7 - modest goals, these men are after a good work / life balance

Loyalty / honesty: 9 - puppy dogs, these guys will even let you wear the trousers

Respect: 9 - these guys will make you laugh, give you support and make you feel like a woman

Physical attributes: 6 - perhaps more armpit than Brad Pitt

Total points score - 55 (68.7%)

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