How Do Bank of America / Merrill Lynch Men Shape Up In The Partnership Stakes ?

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You might not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can sure tell a lot about a (male) banker from where he works...

Although our researcher is unable to give you a run-down on every financial markets employee, she does have an intimate knowledge of several firms by virtue of the relationships she has enjoyed with members of their staff over the years.

First off, the judging criteria: grooming, personality, net worth, intelligence, ambition, loyalty, honesty, respect and physical attributes.

And here's how the men at Bank of America / Bank of America Merrill Lynch were rated (out of 10, 10 being the highest mark):

Grooming: Bank of America 5, Merrill Lynch 9 - Style with a capital 'S'

Personality: Bank of America 6 - rather drab low key men, Merrill Lynch 8 - Merrill men have a strong sense of the ridiculous

Net Worth: Bank of America 6, Merrill Lynch 8 (you know who gets all the big bonuses)

Intelligence: Bank of America 6, Merrill Lynch 8 (always smart to be on the right side of the track)

Ambition: Bank of America 7, Merrill Lynch 7 - BofA staff aspire to be more like Merrill employees. The Merrill guys are content being who they are

Loyalty / honesty: Bank of America 9 - honest and loyal to a fault; easily taken advantage of. Merrill Lynch 6 - so sharp that they may cut themselves

Respect: Bank of America 8 - ladies first is engrained in their very being, Merrill Lynch 7 - real ladies men, they know exactly which buttons to press to impress

Physical attributes: Bank of America 5, Merrill Lynch 9 - rather like chalk and cheese

Total points scores

Bank of America - 52 (65%)

Merrill Lynch - 62 (77.5%)

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