Why clubs should beware signing QPR players

Queen’s Park Rangers’ relegation means their top players may be targets of cherry picking from the Premier League’s teams as they look to escape their club’s Championship fate next term.

QPR signed 18 players last summer and another four in January. Owner Tony Fernandes has admitted he made grave mistakes in signing a number of big names onto big wages. He paid through the nose, in January especially, in the hope that throwing money at their problems would solve them. It didn’t.

One of the major failures of QPR was their hiring of players who didn’t give monkeys about the club, the fans or even their own pride and reputation – they cared solely about their paychecks. They paid through the nose but it didn’t pay off in the end.

Clubs who are considering making moves for QPR players this summer should beware the fact that some of the players are not professionals. Not really. Not in their level of commitment, desire and even self-respect. They let their club down, broke their fans’ hearts and didn’t give a hoot about any of it.

Is that really the kind of player you want to bring into your dressing room? I’m not suggesting QPR players would contaminate an already healthy and happy camp elsewhere but it has to be considered whether, as individuals, these players were culpable for QPR’s dismal season and, ultimately, relegation.

Yes, you can blame Mark Hughes for some things, Harry Redknapp for others, the owner for everything else. But, as they say, at the end of the day, responsibility and accountability has to be with the players.

They are the ones who put the shirt on and pick up their wages each week at the club and the fans’ expense so they are expected to do their job to the best of their ability.

Many of them will be transfer targets because of their ability. But some should be avoided – some of QPR’s players exposed themselves as complete mercenaries and that is not the kind of player you want to bring into your club.

What may be the best medicine for these no-hopers now is to put in a season-long shift in the Championship where it’s not quite so comfortable.

If they can prove their worth to QPR at that level in the second tier of English football then maybe – just maybe – they would deserve a second shot at playing Premier League football, whether with QPR or anywhere else.

For now, however, I’d leave them down there to teach ‘em a lesson. After all, that is where they deserve to be. They let the club down, the fans down and they let themselves down. They need to prove, as individuals and as a group, that they deserve to come back up.

image: © wonker

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