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The sun is out. You’re reaching way way back in your wardrobe for all the summer clothes you haven’t seen for the last six icy months. You’re feeling joy, relief maybe, but there’s also a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that reminds you of 5-year-old pestering its mother for ice cream. It’s because you haven’t been to the gym in absolutely ages and the thought of stepping out in shorts is actually terrifying. There’s no avoiding it, you need to get active. But there’s a silver lining in the form of awesome work-out gear.

So what do you wear when you’re trying to get back in shape? By implication, you’re not in shape when trying to get into shape. And things will be bouncing around; getting sweaty… what can you do to look (relatively) good when looking your worse? Here are four tips when choosing your exercise gear this season.


Flattery will get you everywhere

As a point of departure, ladies, be honest about what flatters your body and what doesn’t. No, don’t go to the “good mirror” in the house and squint to convince yourself your old leotard doesn’t look that bad. There are so many exercise outfits to choose from. If it’s not this one, it’s the next one!

Loose or tight, that is the question

Choosing between loose or tight clothing will mainly depend on the type of exercise you’ll be reluctantly attempting. For something that requires a lot of movement a pair of tights may be the better option. As a rule of thumb – combine loose with tight and tight with loose. Baggier pants look great with a tank top, and a pair of tights looks great with an oversized, wide-neck top or a sweatshirt. But, of course, if you’ve got the body for a tight-tight combination, by all means…

When to colour, and when not to

Choose dark colours. You’re going to sweat and don’t want visible sweat marks. Add a splash of colour with accessories like your trainers, head band, sports watch, towel, water bottle or iPod holster.

Support systems

Pay attention to the finer details of your outfit. There’s nothing worse than a small annoyance like a bra strap breaking your speed. Make sure you’ve got the right underwear to fit the activity you’ll be doing. Check that your hair away from your face (and stays there). And lastly, ensure that the outfit you pick is 100% comfortable. Do some star jumps when you’re trying on the outfit in the fitting room if you have to – make sure the trousers won’t slide off if you move, or the texture of the material isn’t too harsh for your skin.


If all of the above is in place, you’ll be ready to let your Jack and Jones trainers hit the tar and get your blood pumping. You’ve gotta burn it to earn it, as they say. Now, all that’s left to do is to stay away from that piece of cheesecake…

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