The Goldman Sachs intern elevator rule

Elevator panel

Not an urban myth, it seems.

One of the gems from Greg Smith's Goldman Lovefest Why I Left Goldman Sachs, in which he tells of the origin of firm's intern elevator rule.

It all started a few years back when Josh, an intern and 'son of a billionaire', 'committed a gaffe that resulted in a rule that to this day is laid down to all Goldman summer interns: When you're in (a firm) elevator, do not say anything. It doesn't matter what - a joke or even a remark about the weather - just keep your mouth zipped. You simply never know who might be in the elevator with you.

Josh learned this the hard way. He was riding up in a full elevator on a day when the head of the Chicago office was coming to speak to all interns, and when someone mentioned the event, Josh chimed in, 'The head of the Chicago office ? Who the fuck cares about the head of the Chicago office ?' You guessed it: the head of the Chicago office was standing at the front of the crowded elevator'.

Old Josh apparently never did get a permanent job at Goldman.

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