UK’s Lights May Go Out By 2015, Warns Global Energy Expert

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UK households and businesses face electricity blackouts in just a few years say two of the country’s leading energy experts.

'The situation is really quite serious. We will have to keep our coal-fired power stations open and get fined by the EU', says Prof Ian Fells, one of the UK’s leading energy experts.

He continued: 'By 2015 we will be vulnerable. For the last four years the Government has been sitting on its hands doing nothing, and this is really unacceptable'. reports that back in 2004 Prof Fells warned of the UK’s looming energy crisis and he followed this up in 2008 with a 50-page paper elaborating on his views.

Its publication was picked-up by various media outlets and he recounts: 'I appeared on Radio Four with Lord Hutton (Government minister with responsibility for energy security issues) where I was accused of being an alarmist.

'But now it’s not just me who’s saying it. It’s Ofgem and many others', explains the emeritus professor of energy at Newcastle University.

In February this year Alistair Buchanan outgoing chief executive of energy watchdog Ofgem said the UK was facing an uncomfortable squeeze in energy reserves over the next three years as ageing coal-power plants closed to meet environmental targets, and the country was forced to import gas at a time of tightening worldwide supply.

Buchanan said that within three years, the reserve margin of UK power generation will fall from around 15% to below 5%.

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UK’s Lights may go out by 2015, Warns Global Energy Expert

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