9 Reasons Why Young Men Want To Work In Investment Banking

Despite all the bad press investment banks got as a result of the financial crisis, a career in the industry is still a popular choice among young men.

We undertook a quick survey of male university students / interns, and here are the nine most popular reasons why these would-be Masters of the Universe wanted a career in investment banking.

Because they:

1. Believe the hype that everyone who works for an investment bank earns oodles of money

2. Feel that working in the industry will make it easier for them to impress attractive young women (it will, of course, but only the gullible and superficial ones).

3. Want a free BlackBerry

4. Like to be able to say that they have been headhunted (and everyone knows that you only have to be in the industry for 5 minutes these days to get a call from a breathless recruiter).

5. Want to be able to poke fun at G20, public sector and student protesters.

6. Believe that they will be able to 'move up' to a hedge fund in a couple of years

7. Hope that they can retire before they hit 40.

8. Love the idea of working in a politically correct environment.

9. Want to do God's work and save the world.

Image: © Mahalie Stackpole

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