PS4 to make use of controversial DRM?

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Gaming TV-show host reveals that Sony could take draconian piracy measures; Twitter reacts.

Sony could implement a controversial DRM system to block the free exchange of used games, according to Geoff Keighley, Spike TV host.

In response to furious fan reaction to the news that Microsoft may charge and additional fee for people to swap games or buy used games for the upcoming Xbox One, Keighley suggested that Sony was likely to respond in kind.

"The console companies are becoming the bad guys,” he explained (via Kotaku), adding: “And, you know, Microsoft is getting beaten up a lot on it.

“Sony, I think, has been seen as this kind of white knight so far that's not going to restrict used games. Based on some of the things I'm hearing, I don't think that's entirely true, because I can't see publishers allowing one system to do one thing and one do another."

Since this rumour hit the internet fans struck back on Twitter, delivering a clear message to Sony with the suddenly popular tags of: #PS4NoDRM and #ps4usedgames.

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