Accessorising Your Swim Suit

Gold Sparkle Ring

When I was 22, I realised how great gold looked at the beach.

I was gazing happily at the gold toenails on my suntanned foot, which was half-buried in sand, attached to my suntanned leg, stretched out below a cute, black suit. I said to my friend, silly fashion magazine-style, "For beauty at the beach, wear gold," and stuck out my foot.

When I was 32, I realised how great jewellery looked with swim attire.

Now, I accessorise all swimming outings, from the local pool to the Caribbean beach. For the purpose of this article, we'll keep the foundation simple: Wear real metals. If you're a blonde, wear gold. If you're a brunette, wear gold or silver.* Keep it on and get it wet; just watch the tan lines.

But to really make it work, you need something big. Here are five suggestions to take your swim look from fine to fabulous. Just remember to take these pieces off before you swan dive into the deep end.

Get a blast of gold with this glowing ring.

Gold Sparkle Ring

Add some dazzle to silver with a crystal bracelet.

Casual Wrap Bracelet

Jazz up a basic black suit with this necklace in coral tones.

Vibrant Chain Long Necklace

Pay homage to the waves with this cute bracelet.

Surfboard Bracelet

Go classic with this elegant, long necklace.

Colour Reel Pendant


Whether you're 22, 32 or 42, you'll have even more fun in your bathing suit. And we all know what that means.

* Keep in mind that chlorine can speed up the tarnishing of silver, so bring a silver cloth on your trip, or remove your jewellery if you're going to stay in the pool for an extended time.