Bungie to post Destiny CG trailer today


Former Halo developer also delivers cryptic message about June 10th showing at E3.

Halo-creators Bungie has revealed that it will be posting a CG trailer for its much-anticipated FPS-MMO Destiny.

Selected sites were given a cryptic gift in the form of a Rudyard Kipling book 'The Second Jungle Book', along with a note announcing the upcoming trailer (via VG247).

“The story continues with the debut of the first CG trailer for Destiny. Look out for the live trailer later today…” read the notice.

Additionally, a Destiny bookmark was wedged in ahead of the chapter 'Laws of the Jungle', with the June 10th date scrawled on it.

Destiny has been kept tightly under wraps since it was first announced, with the title being the first new creation by the famed studio since its smash hit success with the Halo franchise.

Bungie's writer and cinematic director Joe Staten spoke with OXM about keeping fans interested without revealing too much.

“Really we tried to pick the concept images that really say 'that's a world I want to live in, all day. I don't know what that is, I'm not even sure what I'm looking at, but all I know is that's a thing, a place that I want to be, something I want to spend time with',” he explained.

“So really at this point we want to sell people on the feeling of the world, the big ideas of the world, give them some real texture too so they can get some hold on it.”

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