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When it comes to evening wear, the rules have changed. And the new rule is: break the rules. Dresses that caught our attention on the red carpet have moved from girly garments to all-out daring designs.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been talking about the glamorous Metropolitan Museum Ball in New York City. This is one ball that really stood out from the rest and turned the world of fashion on its head. The theme of this year’s ball: Punk – from chaos to couture.

Celebrities really embraced the theme and the outfits were fierce and daring. In true Vivienne Westwood style, the red carpet was awash with leather, tartan, lace net, spikes, studs and safety pins. We saw accessories such as ear cuffs, spiked head pieces, chains and even a crown. It was refreshing to see celebrities steer away from the typical elegant and feminine styles we usually see on the red carpet. Here you can see the “best dressed” celebs.

I was intrigued by the punk trend, so I started to investigate the phenomenon and found some interesting results. Even if we’re not going to wear couture (for most of us, ever), it’s still good to know what trends are “in” for evening wear in order to make the most of your next shopping spree.

Let the dress do the talking…

The first thing that struck me is that it is all about the dress. Gone are the days when stars chose an understated dress in order to draw more attention to their diamonds and over the top jewellery. Today the dress enjoys all the attention.


Feminine vs. fierce…

There has been a definite shift away from the feminine and towards the fierce. It could also be that what we deem “feminine” has been redefined. Maybe fierce is still feminine. Whatever the case, there is a definite movement to more daring designs; defiantly breaking the rules has surprisingly become part of evening wear.


All you need is shoes…

In the accessories arena, shoes reign king. Apart from your hairdo and your bag, your shoes should be the supporting actors to the dress’s grand performance. Again, breaking the rules and designing outside the box is what it is all about. Trade in your fancy cream peep toes for buckles, straps and studs.


So on your next shopping trip go and get a dress that is as courageous as you are. Remember to spoil yourself with a pair of killer heels too - Trade in “pretty” for “punk”.

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