Malt Maniacs


Consumers can be vulnerable when purchasing expensive malts, but one online resource is dedicated to providing honest feedback on thousands of bottlings. has a manifesto. The collective is ‘centred upon enhancing the appreciation and understanding of malt whisky’ among their many members and visitors. They’ve been around for 15 years, and in that time the maniacs have corralled professional and amateur whisky writers from all over the world. They remain independent of any distillery or drinks conglomerate paving the way for objective, honest advice.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of this brilliant website is the Malt Maniacs Monitor. The MM Monitor is a whisky database where thousands of single malts and blends have been scored out of one hundred. Some of these bottlings have received nosing and tasting notes written by their members.

The monitor is a vital resource when researching more obscure bottlings, particularly if one intends to spend a considerable amount of money. Given the number of distillery and independent bottlings out there, it is almost impossible to avoid a turkey once in a while. But the use of books and online resources can help to educate and ensure consumer protection against disappointment.

In addition to the monitor, Malt Maniacs provide enthusiasts with information on forthcoming whisky festivals and events from around the world. The Islay festival kicks off on Friday 24th May for a peat infused week of celebration.

image: © Malt Maniacs