Jamie Dimon Would Go On 'Undercover Boss'

Jamie Dimon is in the middle of a lovefest.

BloombergBusinessweek reports that in a conference room on the second floor of JPMorgan Chase’s Manhattan headquarters on May 10, the Chairman and CEO is fielding questions, town hall-style, from an audience of 300 of the bank’s administrative assistants.

Nine hundred more are listening in by phone. One woman pipes up to ask: Would you ever go on the reality show Undercover Boss ?

'I would if I thought it would make us a better company', Dimon says.

Another wants to know: What do you look for in your leadership team ? 'Capability, character, and how they treat people'. he replies in his choppy, outer-borough accent. 'Leaders can’t just happen to be good at something'.

A third woman takes the floor. How do you stay focused on your job in the face of the negative attention the company’s received lately ?

It’s a good question. On May 21, Jamie Dimon, 57, faces a shareholder vote on whether he should be allowed to remain the bank’s chairman after a year of federal investigations into whether it manipulated energy markets, inadequately guarded against money laundering, abused homeowners in foreclosure, facilitated Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, and misled the public about the 'London Whale' fiasco, the worst trading loss in JPMorgan’s history.

Dimon’s reply is unequivocal. 'I’m like you', he says, according to a colleague at the meeting. 'I am so darn proud of this company'. The assembly bursts into applause.

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