Deathstroke playable in Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Origins

Warner Bros. Attempts to lure fans into pre-orders with promise of playable antagonist.

Gamers pre-ordering Batman: Arkham Origins will be able to play as one of the title's lead protagonists and Batman-foil Deathstroke.

The master-assassin and all round evil ninja-type character is a mainstay villain of DC Comics, having bested super-powered heroes, so should be set to give Batman a run for his money.

Equipped with his own unique weapons and special moves, the playable Deathstroke can be used in all the title's challenge maps as well as the main game.

Seemingly centred around the activities of criminal mastermind Black Mask, the title represents a significant departure from the successful formula of the previous two games: Batman: Arkham and Batman: Arkham City.

Proven developer Rocksteady has moved aside for another team to have a go at the franchise, while fan-favourite voice actors have also been shunted off the project for new blood.

New developer WB Games Montréal has unveiled a full-length cinematic trailer that shows off the characters in all their martial arts glory.

Check it out below:

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