Back To Basics: The 7 Items You Need In Your Wardrobe

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It may be less exciting to shop for the basics, but they are those faithful items that make great companions and we never want to throw out. Here are 7 basics that’s a necessity to every wardrobe.

When it comes to shopping, there are three types of purchases I’m prone to make. The first one, I like to call “the summer romance”. I see something, it’s love at first sight, I spend way too much, I know it’s totally out of my league, I’ll probably only wear it once… but it feels totally worth it. These are for example the beautifully impractical Dsquared2 nude stilettos I bought for a special occasion that my ankles still have nightmares about. Then there are the “one night stands”. The items I buy in the heat of the moment, but the attraction is short-lived, and the lingering guilt keeps me from ever throwing it out.

But then there are the “old trust worthies”. It may be less exciting to shop for them, and the story behind the sale isn’t necessarily the stuff romance novels are made of, but they’ve stuck by us and have made great companions. One of my teachers always said the true value of a piece of clothing is the price divided by the number of times that you wear it. So which items are such necessities to a modern woman’s collection that there should be no guilt over the price? We’ve created a list of 7 items that, if really invested in, you’ll have a guaranteed long-term relationship with them.


1. A Tonne of Tank Tops

Find a design that really fits your body, and get lots of them! Under a sheer blouse or combined with dramatic prints, a tank top is truly the building block of any outfit.

2. Boots that were actually made for walking

Invest in a pair of boots that are actually comfortable to walk in. Make sure they are made of high-quality leather and a get them in brown, black or cognac so that they go with most of your outfits.

3. A wear-over-anything trench coat

This is useful to hang at your front door and grab on your way out. Get it in a basic colour, and in a design that’s not too elaborate. Make sure it has pockets and that it looks good unfastened or buttoned up.

4. They’re not trousers, they’re leggings

Yes, they’ve recently been ridiculed, but they’re still a great way to complete an outfit. Especially on days that are a little chilly, leggings look great with oversized shirts or jerseys, or even dresses. Find a pair that are made of a thicker material (make sure it’s not see-through!), and that fit snugly.

5. Denim never dies

A good pair of jeans may be hard to find, but they’re even harder to replace. Be patient when looking for the perfect pair, and invest in a design that suits your body and makes you feel comfortable. A trusted denim brand is advised.

6. Sensational sunnies

A great pair of sunglasses can have a big impact on your outfit. Get yourself a pair that fits your face (don’t go after a trend if it’s unflattering), and always carry them with you.

7. Black heels

Every girl should have a pair of black heels. They easily add sophistication to an outfit – be it for work or for a night out. Make sure they’re comfortable, and you’ll be amazed how many times you’ll want to wear them. I bought a pair from Högl last summer, and they’re a real saving grace when I’ve had to glam up an outfit.


Whatever your unique sense of style, these items can complement it. So go out, and get the best of the basics. Happy guilt-free shopping!

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