11 Things That Happened This Day In History - 14th May

Here is a note of 11 things that happened on this day in history

1. 1904 - The Olympic Games are held in the United States for the first time - in St. Louis, Missouri

2. 1931 - Mahatma Ghandi, the leader of the Indian Nationalist movement, agrees to talks in London to discuss Independence from Britain in return for stopping the current boycott on foreign goods in India

3. 1948 - British rule in Palestine comes to an end, as The Jewish National Council proclaims the State of Israel

4. 1955 - Communist states sign The Warsaw Pact

5. 1959 - Cliff Richard's first film Serious Charge premiers

6. 1964 - The Egyptian and Russian leaders end phase one of the construction of the Aswan High Dam by blowing up a huge sand barrage to divert the course of the Nile

7. 1973 - Skylab, the first U.S. space station measuring 118 ft tall and weighing 77 tons, is launched into orbit around the earth

8. 1984 - Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is born

9. 1991 - Winnie Mandela, the wife of anti-apartheid campaigner Nelson Mandela, is given a six-year jail term for her part in the kidnap of four youths

10. 1998 - Frank Sinatra dies at the age of 82

11. 1998 - George Michael pleads 'no contest' in the Beverly Hills Municipal Court to committing a lewd act in a park restroom. He is fined $810, given 80 hours of community service, and ordered to undergo counseling

images: © deneyterrio

Source: BBC, Wikipedia, historyorb.com, infoplease.com, history.co.uk, brainyhistory.com, on-this-day.com

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