Bradley Wiggins: A Year in Pink?

Sir Bradley Wiggins, it’s safe to say, isn’t enjoying much luck or success in this year’s Giro d’Italia.

After part 9 of the 21 stage marathon, Wiggins is in 4th place in the General Classification, over a minute behind Nibali who’s out in front wearing the Maglia Rosa.

If the famous Italian poet, Dante, had been a Tour Cyclist, he would undoubtedly have included the Giro as one of his seven circles of Hell.

It’s unforgiving, cruelly tough and it sometimes makes the Tour de France look like a recreational cycle through postcard backgrounds.

And it’s taking its toll on Wiggo. He’s had some misfortune with the odd minor crash and an occasional mechanical fault but he’s also lacked the ‘minerals’ at times.

He’s been edgy and cautious, particularly while descending and so far it’s cost him. Now maybe he’s biding his time, maybe he’s avoiding risk in the early stages.

If so then he needs to have a very fine strategy indeed, one that is going to allow him to catch the leader and not allow much more time to separate them.

There’s a long way to go, it’s not going to get any easier and if there’s a documentary crew out there, following Wiggo, with the intention of producing a programme called ‘Bradley Wiggins: A Year in Pink’, they must be fearing the worst.

However, even though Team Sky have officially backed their man, Froome, for the Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins hasn’t yet confirmed he’s going to 100% support this.

So as he continues to struggle with this circle of Hell that is the Giro, maybe he already has his mind on ‘A Year in Yellow: Pt. II’

image: © Bradley Nikolaj