Bafta TV awards 2013: red carpet fashion - as it happened


7.02pm BST

That's it from us as the ceremony has now started. Thanks for sticking with us through the thick and thin. Remember when we couldn't work out where Helen McCrory's dress was from? Ha. Yeah. And the bit where Hadley tried to find a picture of Jon Snow we could use but then couldn't find a one? Good times. See you next time, nerds. (RS)

7.01pm BST

We love Olivia Coleman

Following hot on the heels of Tamsin Greig comes my other favourite British actress, the adorable and insanely talented Olivia Coleman. Olivia is one of the few actresses I will happily watch in anything and I shall be rushing home tonight to watch her in The Suspicions of Mr Whicher.I honestly believe that, depending on one's age, Olivia Coleman is every British woman's fantasy best friend or mum.

And doesn't she look just delightful here? Her dress is pretty and just risque enough to stop looking too wedding-guest-ish, her shoes are pretty and understated and the hair is working, even in the rain. And look at the hint of cleavage the woman is dabbling with! Here is an English woman, getting her mojo on and having some fun. (HF)

6.54pm BST

Aww, I love Extras, I really do. Firstly because Stephen Mangan looks like the nicest man on TV. Secondly because Tamsin Greig looks like the nicest woman on TV (along with Olivia Coleman, of course - LOVE the Coleman.) And thirdly because Matt LeBlanc. Matt LeBlanc! Joey was always really underrated on Friends, just because his character was the most cartoonish of the men. But Joey was - unlike his female counterpart, Phoebe - genuinely hilarious, all thanks to the lovely ol' Matt LeBlanc.

Anyway, look how comfortable they all look with one another here. Don't you wish you were part of their gang? Tamsin's dress is smashing and perfect for her and perhaps later she and Victoria Hislop can talk at the bar about why they both went for midnight blue one shoulder dresses. Matt understandably can't be arsed with a bowtie and Stephen just looks like Stephen Mangan which is to say, appealing and funny. Here's to you, Guy Secretan. (HF)

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6.46pm BST


Hey, look everybody, a fringe has turned up on the red carpet. Isn't that nice? You don't often see a fringe walking out all by itself, putting on some finery and heading down a red carpet. Hello, fringe!

Oh wait. Something seems to be beneath that fringe but I can't quite make it out. What is it? Is it... is it... Claudia Winkleman? Why, yes! I do believe it is!

Claudia and her fringe have opted to wear a dullsville mother-of-the-groom lace dress with an open I'm-not-wearing-a-bra back, accessorised with some rather fabulous white stilettos. Good footwork there, Winkleman.

No word yet on what the fringe is wearing but it does have its own stylist. (HF)

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6.39pm BST


Holy. Baloney.

People, a poll: when you think "Tess Daly" do you think
 (a) wholesome blond TV presenter or
 (b) Britain's answer to Cher?

Well, the results are in and it turns out that everyone went for the first answer, except for one person who went for b and that person was Tess Daly.

Our Tess appears to be attempting a Cher-in-Bob-Mackie look here, and on the one hand, I applaud her for it. On the other, she looks like a cutprice Elvira and I can't help but wonder if all that vomitous faux-flirting with Brucie has finally driven her round the twist and she's having some sort of red carpet-based meltdown. (HF)

6.35pm BST

Sergeant Brody and Cherie Blair seen here positively glistening on the red carpet. I've tried and searched and checked and I can find no record of who their clothes are designed by, so I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say: Helen McCrory is wearing Dolce & Gabbana (which is what Hadley thinks) and Damien Lewis is wearing Burberry (because it's what every British male actor has been reaching for lately). (RS)

6.33pm BST

Check it: no photos available yet but the nation's sexy Dad, Jon Snow, has arrived and he's sporting a razzy velvet scarf that he nicked off Alistair Cookie and what looks suspiciously like a sequinned bow tie. He's also carrying a pocket brolly, because he's Jon Snow and he's a practical sort .

Seeing Jon Snow on the red carpet with his umbrella makes my heart fill with love for Britain, it really does. (HF)

6.25pm BST

And now, for some actual fashion...

OK, here we go for some proper celebrities fashion. Once Sienna Miller and Matthew Williamson were the double headed hydra of wearisome boho tat. But hey, we all grow up and now here we have Miller looking as pretty as a rose in spring in this delightful Mathew Williamson dress which you definitely couldn't wear at 6am on Benirras beach in Ibiza, and it's all the better for it. It does have some inevitable Williamson sparkle around the hem but it wouldn't be a Williamson/Miller look if it didn't have something like that.

Here is a woman who knows how to do a red carpet and Miller goes for a classily understated look for (let's face it) the poky TV Baftas, with her artfully scruffy hair topknot, coupled with a chic kneelength hemline and ladylike long sleeves. I'm not massively loving the shoes that don't seem to go with the prettiness of the dress, but, hey - I'll live. 

Not important, I know, but she really is a very pretty woman, that Sienna Miller. (HF)

6.18pm BST

Star of stage and screen Kate Fleetwood (whose evil goading of Fantine as Factory Woman one in Les Misérables has really stayed with me) shows off a classic British look: floral dress, because it IS SUMMER ACTUALLY, and rain-drenched hair plastered against her face. Still, if I had cheek bones that good I'd rock up in a pair of Ricky Tomlinson's Royle Family tracksuit bottoms like "What? What you gonna say? That's right. Nothing." (RS)

6.14pm BST

It's Ian and Victoria Hislop! An unexpected and all the more pleasing for it presence on this red carpet. I totally bet they'll end up going on the razz with Binky and the rest of the Made in Chelea lot afterwards, with Ian knocking back the Flaming Cougars (£15 a cocktail) while Victoria and Binky spin around to Gangnam Style on the Boujus dancefloor and take selfies. That is totally going to happen.

Anyway, Ian is wearing a predictably dishevelled tuxedo with a giant droopy bow and Victoria is looking rather Helen Mirren-esque in her one-shouldered blue sequinned gown. Nice back combing, too. All in all, they're keeping their dignity, those Hislops. Though as we know, that will soon change and they'll soon be doing poppers in the toilets with the Geordie Shore crew. (HF)

6.04pm BST

Grayson Perry's All in the Best Possible Taste is nominated in the specialist factual category, which one can only assume is the slightly Kryten way of saying documentary? Anyway, good luck Grayson, and well done for being the first attendee to bring their red carpet A Game to the Baftas. (RS)

6.04pm BST

HF: Well, hello there, Karren Brady! English football's one and only woman and therefore hardened proof - PROOF!!!! - that it is not a bastion of anachronistic sexists, talk us through your outfit.

KB: Well, I always have big hair, you know. It's my thing.

HF: Oh we know.

KB: So as this is a special occasion I pinned it up with a special hairclip, possibly from Butler and Wilson. And for my dress, I'm wearing one of those optical illusion dresses.

HF: You mean, basically a version of the dresses Stella McCartney made last year, but probably not by Stella McCartney?

KB: Exactly that. It's gold and white, for an understated superhero look. Not the Wonder Woman-like belt.

HF: Noted.

KB: I'm also especially fond of this clutch bag, which is why I am cupping it, like a baby bird.

HF: Lovely. Now Karren, why the extra consonant in your name?

KB: Bog off.

Ladies and gentlemen - Ms Karren Brady!

5.58pm BST

DISCLAIMER!!!! You've probably noticed by now that Hadley and I haven't told you much about the actual fashion. For example, who is wearing what and by who. This is because for most high profile red carpet events, fashion journalists receive a high volume of PR information about what the stars are wearing. Apparently no one bothers for the TV Baftas, which is a shame, because you're probably all wondering where you can pick up a dalek outfit, eh? (RS)

5.49pm BST

So this vision in hot pink, who looks - to paraphrase Sally Field in Steel Magnolias - like she's been hosed down in Pepto Bismol, is a personage who labours under the name of Binky Felstead. This will mean something to people who watch Made in Chelsea, apparently. To those of us who aren't masochists, it means bugger all and, I suspect in this case, ignorance is bliss.

Now, I am a massive supporter of the jumpsuit, not least because, as Binky is generously demonstrating here, one can kick one's legs about and not have a SJP-at-the-Met-Ball moment. However, this jumpsuit is a total disaster, both in colour and in cut with its high waisted bottom half and cropped bustier top half. The result is Binky looks like she was has a squashed body and freaky mammoth legs. But seeing as Binky is probably not a Guardian reader, she probably won't heed my words and will carry on wearing this suit on all her nights out to Mahiki. Incidentally, those shoes are horrid and those false eyelashes are completely RIDIX. (HF)

5.46pm BST

Maxine Peake looks fab. Also, how is it that she still looks about 19? (RS)

5.42pm BST

I have a soft spot for Kevin McCloud, seen here in his signature jauntily tied neck scarf. It's because of the way his final piece to camera at the end of every episode of Grand Designs is imbued with genuine sadness. It's as if every hastily bought, badly renovated 18th century French manoir represents Death himself, staring back at you from the horizon."What have you done with your life?" Death asks. "What has it all been for?". Also, I painted my living room/kitchen Aconite from the Kevin McCloud Fired Earth range and it's like cooking in a pot full of gold. (RS)

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5.39pm BST

You know how it is: you're up for a big night out. So you get on your special tights and, in order to show off the specialness of your tights, you decide to wear a giant top and not bother with a shirt. Then you slip on a massive billowy leather jacket as it's raining and you're not entirely impractical, save for the no-skirt business, put your hair up a clippy side ponytail to show you're ready for F-U-N, and off you go, out into the rain.

Oh yes, Tina Malone. We've all been there. Well, some of us have been there. OK, none of us have been there but have a good night out, y'hear? Bless.

5.30pm BST

That dalek is still knocking about, milking the photographers for all they're worth. What a tart. (RS)

5.28pm BST

Meera Syal (left) and Sanjeev Bhaskar have arrived, and they are looking pretty slick. No mean feat when you compare them to the sodden crowd in the background. (RS)

5.27pm BST

Hold the front page it's JENNI FALCONER

Ooh look it's that Jenni Falconer-off-the-telly! I have a lot of time for Jenni Falconer, actually, and I don't really understand how or why Holly Willoughby has seemingly stolen her career. Jenni is far more fun to watch, in my esteemed critical opinion, with a cracking accent and a lovely laugh. Also, she doesn't appear in annoying commercials with Myleene Klass for something called which is another mark in her favour.

Here she is, looking a touch like Britian's TV version of Renee Zellwegger. The new hair is good and distracts from the cheap looking netting of her dress. I'll be honest, I think this dress is a bit too old for our Jenni and I can't bear beige (ooh, I look nude, me!) dresses, but that's OK - she looks comfortable and I salute Jenni's attempt to break out of her daytime TV mould by going for something grown up and glamorous. Now, where's that handsome Ben Shepherd, Jenni, eh? (HF)

5.15pm BST

A Sunday story for all of you

Well, well, well. Seeing as only a Dalek appears to have arrived at the TV Quick Awards Bafta TV awards and my co-blogger and Britain's answer to Diana Vreeland, Rosie Swash, has that covered, I'll just tell you a little story. So on my way into the office this afternoon to liveblog the TV Quick Awards Bafta TV awards, I was seriously very nearly killed by an obnoxious silver car. Killed. On my way to liveblog the TV Quick Awards Bafta TV awards. It would not have been a dignified way to go, but it would have been apt.

Anyway, why on earth was that silver car on the road anyway? It's a rainy Sunday afternoon. Why wasn't the driver, instead of nearly killing females who are very cute, very alone and very protective of their body, curled up at home on the sofa, eating a gigantic bar of chocolate and reading crap magazines? Not that this is how I spend my Sundays, of course. I have a glittering social life. I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I have many leatherbound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah. the TV Quick Awards Bafta TV awards. (At some point I'll stop doing that. Not yet, though.) HF

5.14pm BST

Good afternoon! This year's Bafta TV awards will begin in roughly two and a half hours, but before our nation's finest actors assemble at London's Royal Festival Hall to cross their fingers and hope for that little gold face, Hadley Freeman and I will be sifting through the sartorial melting pot that is the Baftas red carpet. We're sat in the Guardian HQ waiting patiently for some stars to turn up. In the meantime, the best we can offer is possibly the most British vista off all time: a group of bare-legged ladies hanging about on a blustery red carpet while a huge plastic Dalek wheels back and forth in the rain. (RS)

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