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Cowboys, pilots, bikers, rock stars… thanks to these guys, leather became the ultimate sexy fashion statement for bad boys and bad girls the world over.

In the nineties, leather had a brief affair with the larger gothic community and was synonymous with the punk rock movement. About a decade ago a few daring celebrities caught on to the trend who sported it in stretchy maroon form in true nineties fashion misfortune. But the good news is: it’s back – and this time it’s more accessible than ever.

Leather is one of the oldest fashion statements in the world. It has been worn for thousands of years, mainly because of its durability and practicality. It’s something that may have been associated with masculinity a generation ago (mainly because a generation ago, ‘roughing it’ was monopolized by males), but today leather is lovin’ the ladies. And oh how we love it back.


Rock ‘n Roll status

So what is it about leather that makes us go gaga? Is it the smell, the texture, the muffled noise it makes when you move? Is it because it is strong, durable and feels a little dangerous? Or is the fabric still reminiscent of rock star status? Whatever the reason, leather brings an edge to any outfit.

Leather 2.0

This year, leather made quite a name for itself on the runway. It no longer appears merely as a cropped jacket with zips and studs, and begs to be combined with a pair of aviators. Nor does it only associate itself with winter. Leather is being worn as trousers, skirts, tops, hats, gloves… it’s even being worn in the brightest of colours. It is often combined with softer fabrics to add a subtle edge to a garment. And don’t worry – the zips and tassels and studs and spikes are still the done thing.

How to wear leather?

Don’t put too much thought into getting it “right”. Yes, leather can be worn as part of your gothic ensemble; and your studded, bad-ass biker boots were the perfect choice for your care-free Coachella look. But leather can also be incredibly sophisticated and even feminine. Throw a cognac-coloured leather jacket over a floral dress, and you’re still as girly as ever. Leather leggings, skirts or peplum tops can also be suited for a big night out.


Leather is not only limited to boots, handbags and the boys your mother warned you about. Nowadays, it’s more versatile than ever. So add a little power to your outfit and leather it up!

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