Valve embraces biofeedback

Left 4 Dead

Games will detect sweat levels to respond to your fear.

Valve Software's in-house psychologist Mike Ambinder has revealed that the company is testing new ways to make games respond to biofeedback from players, such as how sweat levels correlate with levels of arousal.

Potentially leading to games that respond to the psychological state of the gamer in real time, Ambinder told the audience at the NeuroGaming Conference and Expo that by measuring sweat levels of gamers, the company was able to alter the difficulty in its zombie-shooter Left 4 Dead.

“One thing we are very interested in is the notion of biofeedback and how it can be applied to game design,” he said,according to Venturebeat.

“The more interesting side of the equation is what you can do when you incorporate physiological signals into the gameplay itself.”

During the experiments conducted by Valve, when gamers' arousal level was low the inbuilt A.I. would increase the number of enemies, make them faster and harder to shoot.

“It’s still experimental, but it worked pretty well, and we were pleased with that,” he commented.


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