GAME: FIFA 14 out this October


High-street retailer drops release date for upcoming football game in online posting.

Recently announced FIFA 14 may be out as soon as this October if a posting on GAME's website proves to be correct.

Available for pre-order, the site lists the release date as October 4th, according to VG247, while Amazon puts the date a little further back at December 31st.

Announced via a teaser image on EA Sports Twitter page, FIFA 14 will feature a new “pure shot” system that allows players to adjust the stride and angle of approach to make shooting more accurate and realistic.

FIFA 14 will play the way great football matches are contested with build up through midfield, tension throughout the match as chances are created, and incredible finishing,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer for FIFA 14.

“Opportunities in FIFA 14 will be rewarding and great goals will look stunning.”

Additional features include “protect the ball”, which allows players to fend-off and block defenders, “sprint dribble turns” enables faster movement and “variable dribble touches”, which reward skill players with more nuanced controls.

Screen shots and more can be found at the game's official website.

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