Molyneux: Xbox 720 should focus on gaming


Veteran game maker speaks his mind on next generation of consoles.

With Microsoft's impending Xbox 720 announcement on the horizon, former Lionhead studios boss and celebrated games maker Peter Molyneux wants the next console to focus on gaming not connectivity.

Following Sony's partial-revelation of the PlayStation 4, console connectivity has been the forefront of the next-generation's technology showcase, such as integration with Facebook and video-streaming services.

Microsoft is expected to follow suit this month at its own event, with rumours suggesting the console will require a permanent connection to work, but Molyneux hopes this isn't the focus of the next Xbox 720.

“What I would do is double-down on what this console is for: it’s for playing games,” he told Edge.

“When they start to mix all this other stuff in there I’m kind of slightly like: ‘look, I don’t want another way of looking at Facebook’. You know, I’ve got all the ways of looking at Facebook. I don’t want another way of looking at Netflix. Just give me what I’ve paid my £299 for, and that is to play amazing, incredible computer games.”

The Fable and Populus creator left Microsoft-owned developer Lionhead to start his own venture, 22cans last year.

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