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How to wear your accessories in the right way.

Summer is just around the corner! That means good-bye to our cocoon of coats and scarves and time to finally show a little skin. This also means it’s time to get your accessories out and jazz up your wardrobe…but how? Here are a few rules of thumb.

Accessorizing is something your outfit simply cannot do without. Adding (or taking away) an accessory can make or break your ensemble. It can be the finishing touch to an already extraordinary evening gown; it can be just the thing to transform an old T-shirt; and it can even be the focal point of an otherwise monochrome outfit. However, if you get it wrong, it can also turn tasteful to tacky, captivating to kitsch, and if overdone, you may end up looking like a Christmas tree.


Subtle or focal point?

It’s hard to know what the perfect amount of accessories is. Choose whether you want your accessory to be the focus of the outfit, or if the outfit makes enough of a statement already. A colourful or bold pair of shoes can be the focus of an outfit, and the same goes for a handbag. This can also be done with one of those fabulous statement necklaces that we are lucky enough to have as a trend for another season. Going for something more delicate? If your outfit is already striking, round it off with a few subtle accessories, like pearl earrings, a delicate pendant, or thin bangles.

Be careful to mix and match

As a rule of thumb, stick to a style. Even mixing gold and silver jewellery should be done with caution. According to InStyle, the spring/summer 2013 runway yielded five key accessory-styles. These are “clear”, “cubic”, “modern”, “raffia” and “chains”.

Don’t be caught without

For the upcoming season, be sure to include the following must-have accessories on your shopping list. Those multi-coloured, mirrored John Lennon-shaped sunglasses that we saw so much of at Coachella; rustic-coloured felt hats which look great with naturally loose hair or rough curls; thin, silver knuckle rings embellished with crosses or the infinity symbol; “armparties” (yes!): combining multiple colourful bangles and armbands; and lastly, those very romantic headbands, tied up with a knot (think 1950’s nostalgia).

Lesser-known accessories

Accessories are not only jewellery and handbags. The wider definition of “accessorizing” includes all the little things we can do to spice up an outfit. For instance – your hairstyle cannot be overlooked as an accessory. Changing your hairstyle can change your look. Including a braid, adding curls, or down-toning your hairstyle can bring balance to your outfit. The same goes for make-up, and even perfume!

Accessorizing in the right way can spice up a bland outfit, or balance out the bizarre. It can enable you to repeat the same outfit twice in the same week without others even noticing it. So be smart, and accessoright!


What do you think? Do you think there’s a right or wrong way to accessorize, or do you think the more the better! Tell us in the comments section!

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