Summer 2013 fashion – the key style influences this season

Forget The Great Gatsby, the cinematic style inspiration this summer comes courtesy of Sofia Coppola's Bling Ring.

Emma Watson in The Bling Ring

Both films feature a tonne of sparkles, but The Bling Ring's high-end trashy version beats the tasteful 20s look hands down. How to get the squealing larcenous look? Go for diamante-encrusted heels and ostentatious fake jewels and wear with high-school cardis and plaid shirts. But note: it's the subtle sunglasses styling that is key to the his look. The rule is oversized, with the arms tucked over, then under your hair, just like a hair clip.

Ian Brown

We aren't suggesting that men should watch Shane Meadows' Made of Stone documentary and dig out their 1989 Baggy Chic. Way too literal, not to mention appalling on most men north of 40 years old. Rather, Brown's wholesale embrace of the deluxe side of sportswear that forms his "Resurrection" look is the lesson here. It's a reminder for men and women that grownups can do 90s sporty, providing they upgrade part of their image. Air Max with leather trousers for women and tailored leather shirts by Christopher Shannon for boys – that kind of thing. Probably best to hold fire on the money-print T-shirts, too.

Alexandra Shulman

The editor of British Vogue isn't obliged to give a sartorial public-service announcement, but that is practically what she did at the Vogue festival at the weekend. Her outfit was a silent shoutout to grownup women who want to do a summery look – minus tights but plus knee modesty. It went: simple black top, optimistically coloured skirt and a pair of semi-obligatory-if-you-work-in fashion white shoes. The shoes you'll already have an opinion on, that kind of top you'll already have in your wardrobe, but the skirt is a gift in terms of grownup summer dressing.

Diane Kruger

Kruger might be chocolate-box pretty but her style adds edge. She is always up for experimenting – once wearing a skirt over a dress at Berlin Film Festival – and sometimes gets it wrong. That piratical look at Coachella is a case in point. For a masterclass in midriff, though, she's a go-to reference this season. A Rochas full skirt plus cropped blouse was a winner last month, while The Host's publicity trail last month provided Kruger-watchers with almost daily outfits. A favourite was a cropped white Carven shirt and red leather Vanessa Bruno high-waisted skirt that looked flawless but never boring. A bit like Kruger herself.

Kiernan Shipka

They say you should dress your age but Kiernan Shipka – aka Sally Draper from Mad Men – is proving that wearing clothes more suited to your gran looks pretty adorable at 13. While Sally is growing into a terrible teen in Mad Men – and wearing some excellent knitwear while she's at it – Kiernan is coming into her own. On the red carpet last week, she wore a red and black Dior-esque 50s frock. January Jones, meanwhile, turned up in a denim jacket and leather leggings, causing some fashion blogs to speculate that they had swapped outfits. Kiernan impressed again at a Chanel dinner, wearing tweed while chatting about Justin Bieber. Oh, to be 13 and a superstar in the making …

Sulley, Monsters Inc

It's not often that a furry monster makes it on to a fashion list. But Sulley is no ordinary monster. As any viewer of 2001's Monsters Inc will know, he's chief scarer. Monsters University, the prequel, comes to screens this July and tells the story of Sulley getting his qualifications. Set in Pixar's version of an Ivy League school, with slugs for students, it's on the button for the varsity trend. It's a look that has already been seen on Taylor Swift and Jourdan Dunn, but Pixar's take adds extra cuteness – and one-eyed jocks. Sulley's own outfit – a kind of turquoise furry suit, if you will – also fits right in with next season's penchant for fuzzy textures. Straddling two seasons? That's a fashion monster.

Solange Knowles

If Beyoncé is spending her summer throwing sand about on a tropical beach for H&M, her little sister is singlehandedly saving festival dressing. Some at Coachella – Victoria Hervey, we mean you – went for a sort of synthetic version of the Woodstock hippy look. Solange, on the other hand, looked elegant, comfortable and cool. A J Crew midi-skirt with a hot-pink tropical print plus camisole and blocky-heeled sandal was an understated look. It was also one that, unlike Hervey's, would work away from a field in the Californian desert and without pal Earl Sweatshirt. Buy your own version and wear all summer.

Gwyneth Paltrow

No matter what your opinion of her Antonio Berardi "side-butt" dress – if, indeed, you could bear to form one after the tweeting avalanche it sparked – the sheer-sided gown has quickly develop into a Thing. Elizabeth Saltzman, GP's stylist, calls the look "daring in a non-daring way" and "unthreatening". We think the cut threatens to become the alpha body part to flash this summer. But for those of us who aren't involved in red-carpet one-upmanship there is still a subliminal style message for summer: the sheer panel. Discreet yet attention-seeking at the same time. But aim for a sheer sleeve rather than a sheer flank.

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