Kroenke and Usmanov make Arsenal seem like a child in the middle of a divorce

Arsenal stakeholder Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has been making his discontent known once again.

Arsenal fans must be sick to the back teeth of this guy – all he ever seems to do is create drama and trouble every time he rears his head to the surface.

The 30% stakeholder of Arsenal clearly has an agenda that stinks to high heaven and every time he opens his mouth the club and the fans have to clean up the mess, recollect themselves and carry on.

He’s like the school bully and like any bully his constant negativity, picking and pestering comes from his insecurity – except this bully is insecure about his investment, rather than his braces or his acne.

He’s so narcissistic in his behaviour – constantly pretending to have the club’s, the fans’ and the player’s best interests at heart but, all the while he’s just manipulating the press along with former players and club legends to serve his own interests.

Does he want to own Arsenal FC? Quite clearly he’s no fan of current majority stakeholder Stan Kroenke who, in all likelihood, doesn’t really give a monkeys about the club either. Neither of them are fans. Not really. They’re fans of fortune. That’s it.

The people who care are the fans and the manager – Gunners fans must be so confused and not know who to blame anymore.

They’re like the children of a couple going through a bitter divorce, not sure who to trust, who to choose, with no idea how to stop all the bickering and tug-of-war and scared to death about what might happen next and how it’s going to pan out.

Eventually one of these two billionaires is going to have to leave the family home – this simply isn’t working out and it would be better for all involved if Usmanov just sold his stake in the club and found somewhere and someone else to take his riches.

If he can’t keep his mouth shut and is intent on continuing this high-profile public feud with Kroenke, he ought to just leave. At least Kroenke knows if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything. Arsenal’s strategy of simply ignoring the bully is not working, he’s not getting bored and their lack of reaction is only making him more aggressive.

Either Kroenke or the club are going to have to settle this the old-fashioned way with a fisty-cuffs after school, Queensberry rules, or perhaps the more appropriate modernist solution would be to speak to Usmanov’s parents. I don’t know, they need their heads banging together, those two.

image: © wonker

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