Do Manchester City really outnumber Manchester United fans five-to-one?

Manchester City supporters outnumbering United fans five to one at a silverware parade in 2011 isn’t really a surprise.

The natural reaction that will be prompted from this news is the suggestion that City have more supporters in the city than United, when really there are some very logical explanations behind it.

There is no shift or dramatic change in the way the city has supported their two main football teams over the last few years and it’s time to put a logical head on something City fans may be happy to let spiral out of control.

Bear in mind City are experiencing a lot of things for the first time; domestic success, Premier League glory and European challenges.

Is it really a surprise that so many City fans flocked out (roughly 60,000 fans) to see the side parade their FA Cup in 2011 compared to the 12,000 that came out in the pouring rain to see United show off their 19th Premier League crown?

Any number of supporters of clubs all over the country would flock to go and see their team and idols parading something they have won for the first time in a certain era or just because it’s taken so long.

There is a definite air of familiarity related to the way United fans seem to approach the issue of silverware parades and open top bus journeys.

In short, it’s become familiar for United fans to see the Premier League trophy and other pieces of silverware with the main reason for many United supporters being at parades, the chance to see certain players.

It has nothing to do with the fact that City are apparently gaining more and more support in the city, it’s all about the rarity of success for their club and the fact that FA Cup was the first piece of serious silverware they’d won in 35 years.

United’s support base all over the world is greater than it ever has been so if they decided to do some sort of world tour parading their silverware, the number of fans in areas that don’t normally get to see that would flock out in tens of thousands.

City are a very exciting club to follow for any youngster coming up, learning about the game and just starting to watch football in Manchester.

Their possibilities are endless because they are making a lot of their achievements for the very first time.

It would be very difficult for them to win the Champions League but if they did it in the next few years, the number of people lining the streets for that parade would be absolutely huge.

It’s a very simple formula and there is nothing odd or any shifts taking place in Manchester.

What do you make of the five to one turnout in favour of City?

image: © Smabs Sputzer

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