Five facts about EJ Manuel - The NFL 2013 Draft's big shock

The Buffalo Bills picked the first quarterback in the NFL 2013 draft.

The gasps around New York's Radio City Hall were audible. Few saw it coming, even less believed it.

Much had been made of the fact the quarterback class is not perceived to be of the same quality as 2012, no Andrew Luck or RGIII type ready-made superstars.

The team most likely to make a move were the Buffalo Bills, who had the eighth pick - but traded down to 16, allowing the St Louis Rams to pick the amazing wide receiver prospect that is Tavon Austin.

Tackle Eric Fisher was the first overall pick, for the Kansas City Chiefs, in a defensive loaded front 15, Austin aside, but it was the Bills who provided the big moment.

While top predicted quarterback Geno Smith twiddled his thumbs, Matt Barkley waited, and Ryan Nassib also sat hoping his phone may ring, it was EJ Manuel who was selected by the Bills, to take over from the departed Ryan Fitzpatrick.

EJ Manuel was at best the fourth highest rated college quarterback going into the draft, but came out of it as number one.

Who is he and what can we tell you about him?

Here are five facts...

1) EJ Manuel was the quarterback at Florida State University (FSU), taking over from the Vikings' Christian Ponder.

2) At 23-years-old, EJ Manuel was born in 1990 in Virginia Beach.

3) He is only the second quarterback to win four straight bowl games in College football history.

4) He racked up 3,392 passing yards in 2012, throwing for 23 touchdowns.

5) It's not just his passing which make him special, Manuel has a rushing game, making up 310 yards and four touchdowns in 2012.

image: © rodshots