Surely Luis Suarez is lucky just to get 10 games

Luis Suarez Bite

David Kelly argues that Liverpool's Luis Suarez should count himself fortunate.

I work in IT Service Management and I like my job. It’s not as rewarding or as high profile as being a Premier League Footballer but it’s a good career with its own rewards, highs and lows.

Things aren’t always harmonious in my job and at times there is conflict that needs to be resolved in order to deliver quality service for customers.

During periods of conflict there can be arguments that often become heated and occasionally egos collide. In all my adult life, in my entire career, I have never seen anyone, during conflict, resort to biting a colleague in order to vent their frustrations.

But that’s what Luis Suarez did! During open competition he bit an opponent, he actually grabbed his arm, brought it to his mouth and then sank his gnashers in, I saw it on TV, you probably did too.

If you haven’t and you’re reading this then I’m guessing your next stop is YouTube. If it weren’t for the fact that this incident is available to watch again and again you probably wouldn’t believe me.

If I saw my 2-year-old do that to another toddler I’d be pretty annoyed with him but I’d understand, because he’s only 2 and he has time to learn that behaviour like that is unacceptable.

I fear Liverpool are about to allow themselves to sleepwalk into another embarrassing period where, by their show of unwavering loyalty to Suarez, they’re going to further damage their reputation, domestically and abroad.

They can’t continue to do this – we’ve heard many people state that no man is bigger than the club, even SAF suggested that a club of Liverpool’s stature, should have let the boy go during the Evra racism saga.

And I believe they should have done just that. They really shouldn’t be complaining about his sentence – in the grand scheme of things ten games is not much of a price to pay.

Were I to bite a colleague tomorrow during a meeting about how to deal with an IT Service Management issue, I suspect I would lose my job, and I suspect I would struggle to find gainful employment with a competitor. In fact, the victim would probably be within their rights to press criminal charges, and they’d probably be successful.

This was not a horrible tackle, this was a guy who has the temper and the behavioural attitude of a small child, a guy who lost his temper and grabbed hold of an opponent’s arm and sunk the teeth in.

I think he should feel incredibly lucky to be handed a ten game ban and still have the loyal support of his employer. And during that recess he should possibly see a therapist and explore why he suffers these amygdala hijacks, a term I only learned today – but it’s a good one, Google it if you want to know more.

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