Top Tips - Female Bankers and House Husbands

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After all, every woman needs a man!

EfinancialCareers reports:

If you’re a woman and you want to combine working 70-hour weeks in a financial services job with raising a family, you will probably need one of two things: copious nannies, or a man-about-the-house.

Based upon our conversations with female bankers, househusbands, rather than nannies, are increasingly becoming the mode of choice for keeping things organized on the home front. Helena Morrissey, CEO of Newton Investment Management, famously has one. Househusbands are important for, ‘unlocking that pipeline of women,’ Morrissey told Heather Macgregor, co-author of Mrs Moneypenny’s Careers Advice for Ambitious Women.

This approach has its hazards. Research published last year by the University of Chicago and the University of Singapore suggested relationships are destabilized the moment a woman earns even a small amount more than her male partner. How, then, do high-earning female bankers handle their (emasculated) men and avoid marital meltdown ?

Here are their top tips:

Empower the man

Don’t micro-manage the man about the house, for you will get nowhere.

'I don’t actually tell him to do anything', said one project manager at a large financial services firm, whose househusband looks after their three-year-old son. 'I empower him. I trust him to deliver – he is aware that it is his job to look after the kids and the house'.

Sheryl Sandberg has reached the same conclusion. In her book on ‘Leaning In’, the Facebook Chief Operating Officer says women need to avoid ‘maternal gatekeeping.’ Maternal gatekeeping is defined by Sandberg as, ‘a fancy term for 'Ohmigod, that’s not the way you do it! Just move aside and let me!'.

Don’t focus on how much you’ve done and how little he’s done

If you’ve been working all day and he’s been hanging out at home, it may be tempting to run a tally to show just how overworked you are, particularly when you are also doing a lot of cleaning and wiping of the surfaces. Don’t.

'Don’t run an internal scorecard of who’s done what during the week', advises one senior woman working in equities. 'I did it for years', she added, 'Before we split up'.

'I have the kind of husband who can step over two things on the stairs and not even notice they’re there', says another househusband-owner. 'I’ve learned to pick them up and let it go'.

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