Ladies, Give Yourself a Break

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Dove's ongoing campaign to get the general public (and women) to embrace real beauty gets a new life in Real Beauty Sketches.

Sure, they want us to buy their soap. But the public service they're providing is worth a mention, especially in their latest ad.

The very effective video shows women describing their faces to a forensic scientist, who draws them unseen, then shows a person with whom they recently engaged describing the same woman to the same artist. He draws them again, and the differences are significant: in all of the self-described images, the women are less attractive than in the images drawn from others' descriptions.

Equally impactful is watching the women view the images side-by-side, and realising the way they see themselves is so much less than they way others see them.

Think this could be you? Watch the video and then go check yourself out in the mirror. We bet you're more beautiful than you think you are.