Woman finds $15k game at charity shop

Stadium Events

Collector-sought Stadium Events snapped up for $7.99 at Goodwill.

A lucky shopper at US charity shop, Goodwill, bought a copy of rare Nintendo NES title Stadium Events for $7.99 and could fetch over $12,000 for it on auction.

The owners say they plan to use any money raised from the sale to pay-off student loans and, given that a damaged copy of the game netted $12,000 at auction, the sale could help out a lot.

Speaking to Gamegavel, the owner says they recognised the game from a news article years before and did an internet search to verify it after they spotted it in the shop.

“My heart raced the whole time,” the purchaser explained.

“I’m graduating this coming May with my Bachelors degree in Accounting, and the money from this unexpected find will allow us to pay off my student loans. We’ve also been saving for just over a year for a down payment on a house, and if anything is left, it will go towards that goal.”

Currently up for auction with a starting bid of $12,000, avid collectors with money to burn have six days to claim the coveted game.

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