PICTURE: Jay Bothroyd’s new tattoo; Art or Idiot?

QPR striker Jay Bothroyd has gone and got himself some new body work with a controversial tattoo, which has already caused debate.

Footballers are often accused of doing stupid things, which are enabled by the immense wealth they enjoy as part of their job.

Jay Bothroyd of Queens Park Rangers decided to go out and get a new tattoo done, which depicts a variety of weapons down one side of his body, seemingly glorifying violence, as it spells out the word 'Love'.

That’s not really the best message to be giving off in a world where plenty of youngsters look up to their favourite players as role models and heroes.

The argument for the tattoo is that it’s just a bit of fun, a bit of art and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but if he was going for an art angle then he could have had any variety of ‘arty’ items drawn there.

The argument against it is the fact it glorifies things like gun violence, knife crime and warfare in general, which is something someone of his stature should be trying to avoid.

There will be plenty of people going for the idiot angle here and not just because it makes him look silly, as it will never be removed, at least without leaving a scar.

Take a look;

Jay Bothroyd's New Tattoo

Is that art or has he been stupid?

images: © uk.eurosport.yahoo.com, © Tom Cuppens

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