Xbox 720 to host Heroes revival?


Rumours fly around superhero drama for next-gen console.

Canned superhero drama Heroes could be recreated in a potential deal between Microsoft and broadcaster NBC for a potential Xbox 720 streaming service.

Microsoft has announced that it'll be creating original programming for the next-gen platform, and the once popular franchise is being considered for relaunch with a focus on new stories and characters, with cameos from original cast members, according to TV Line.

Whether or not this will see the return of fan favourites such as Zachary Quinto's Sylar (who appears to have found his Hollywood stride as Spock) remains to be seen.

The first series of the original show pulled in over 14 million viewers on average in the US and, while interest wavered toward the end of its life, the show's brand could still be strong enough for this relaunch to help tip console consumers who are on the fence about their next-gen purchases.

Streaming services look set to be a pivotal feature of the next generation of consoles, and main Microsoft-rival Sony are hardly running blind.

The PS4-maker announced it's Gaikai-powered technology earlier in the year, which will not only allow the console to stream games directly over the internet, but will also reportedly retain Gaikai's original model of letting consumers try any game before they commit to a purchase.

The rival companies will no doubt announce more features over the coming months, and are hardly making the decision easy for gamers who are considering a choice between the two leading consoles.

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