Capcom blames woes on “excessive outsourcing”

Resident Evil

Veteran Japanese games publisher to pull back on overseas development to improve quality.

Following sluggish sales and failed targets, Capcom has revised its expected sales and blamed “excessive outsourcing” for its poor performance.

In a warning to investors, the company said that it its already-lowed sales expectations for Resident Evil 6 has been dropped from 5 million units to 4.9 million, having initially expected to sell 7 million units.

Likewise sales of DmC Devil May Cry were revised down from 1.2 million to 1.15 million, nearly half of the initial estimates of 2 million units.

The company pinned its limp sales on a number of factors, including a “decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing”.

Furthermore, Capcom explained that it had failed to respond to the growing digital contents market and had poor coordination between its marketing and games development arms.

The company said it hopes to boost sales by March 31st 2014 by putting out more downloadable content and focusing on mobile games.

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