Maggie Thatcher - There Will Never Be Another Like Her

The Reagan's & The Thatcher's

I was just 16-years-old when I wrote to Margaret Thatcher. It was 1975, and she had just become Leader of the Conservative Party.

Over 38 years later, I still have the reply on House of Commons notepaper - in which her secretary had enclosed a card with Mrs T's autograph.

I am old enough to remember the early 1970s, when the unions governed Britain and industry was on a three-day week.  And I'd not long started work in the late 1970s when we experienced 'The Winter of Discontent', when the rubbish was piled high on the streets, and dead bodies were stacked up awaiting burial.

1979 was also the year that The Irish National Liberation Army murdered Airey Neave by planting a bomb under his car in the House of Commons car park, and the IRA took responsibility for the explosion that killed Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the Duke of Edinburgh's uncle, when he was holidaying in Ireland.

I also remember how we felt, in 1982, when the Argentinians invaded the Falkland Islands, and how proud we were when the taskforce sent by Mrs Thatcher, by then Prime Minister, retook the Islands. Then the Miner's Strike of 1984 / 85, when miner's leader Arthur Scargill badly underestimated Mrs Thatcher's determination to demonstrate exactly who governed Britain.

And who could forget The Iron Lady's response to the IRA's bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1984, which summed up her can do, down to business attitude.

The Blessed Margaret cut through red tape, reduced taxes and the size of the public sector, was rightly wary of Europe, helped those who helped themselves - and put the 'Great' back in Britain. And sure, she didn't get it all right all the time and, in hindsight, probably stayed on at Number 10 for too long. But by God, she actually got things done.

Since her resignation in 1990, the UK has had four male Prime Ministers - and the four together haven't as much balls as 'that woman', who transformed the political landscape and gave us back our dignity. Oh how we could do with her like today!

image: © Public Domain

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