Wolverhampton Wanderers: The way forward

Molineux - Wolves - Billy Wright Stand

Some common sense and logic is what’s needed to help Wolves heading into next season.

Here’s to hoping that Wolves stay in the Championship this season because they are far too big a club to be playing League One football and they should be looking forward instead of worrying about that possibility.

Either way, there are going to be some big questions asked over the summer and plenty of debate over the best way forward for a club that was gracing Premier League stadiums all over the country not too long ago.

The knee jerk reaction is going to be the desire to axe anyone who has had any association with the club this season, which has prompted one of the worst seasons for the club in living memory.

The key is to resist that urge. If Dean Saunders is retained as boss, and you won’t find many Wolves fans that actually desire that, then he needs to be given the chance to retain the core nucleus of the players currently in the side.

Axing players left, right and centre is going to place pressure on the gaffer to replace key individuals which may lead to over spending which is counter productive at a time when the club needs to be adjusting towards new financial controls.

Wolves will always be a big club in the football league, so they need to make sure value is going into the pockets of fans and that the club is appealing to sponsors and advertisers.

If you want to go and watch a Wolves game as an adult, the most it will currently cost you is £30. That has to be retained and the club needs to resist the urge to increase any prices.

The result of doing just that risks alienating the group of floating Wolves supporters who clearly won’t feel compelled to come back and watch the team next season, based on what they have been ‘treated’ to over the current campaign.

Wolves fans have seen their side fail to win at home on 15 different occasions this season, which is not a ratio that justifies charging supporters more to watch matches.

If Wolves can put value into the pockets of what are effectively their customers, they have the best chance of keeping full houses at the stadium, which provides a solid source of income.

It’s all about building up as big a cash pool as possible before the time when sanctions and punishments will become effective in terms of the new cost control measures.

That leads onto the next point which is squad improvements. There have to be some positive and sensible additions over the summer, which help the club to move forward and prevent the problems which have appeared this season.

If the club can save well over the summer and over the course of next season, they have a chance to spend cash further down the line when other clubs are struggling to break even.

It’s just logical and common sense thinking which needs to be applied to the club at a time where League One football is starting to look like a distinct possibility. That wouldn’t be a disaster for the club if they follow these simple steps but it would undoubtedly be a setback.

Wolves fans, what’s gone wrong?

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