Bioshock Infinite: Too blasphemous to play

Bioshock Infinite B

Valve refunds religious customer after a ‘blasphemous’ scene forced him to quit the game for good.

PC games company, Valve, has apparently fully refunded Breen Malmberg, a self-described devout Christian, after he made a religious complaint regarding an opening scene in the game.

In the scene concerned, Booker, the protagonist of BioShock Infinite, has to endure a forced baptism in order to progress any further in the game. This it seems, was a little too much for Malmberg, who wrote in a letter to Valve (Republished on Kotaku):

"The player is forced to make a choice which amounts to extreme blasphemy in my religion in order to proceed any further - and am therefore forced (in good conscience) to quit playing and not able to experience approx. 99 per cent of the content in the game."

It appears that it was the lack of choice surrounding the baptism that resulted in Malmberg’s refund request, something that has caused other players to grumble as well. This is perhaps understandable, but it does seem somewhat odd that the forced baptism is considered too offensive when the game’s gratuitous violence is not.

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