Honour Boston

Antique Map Of Boston

...in thought, word, or deed.

We can't really be flip, and suggest you spend the day listening to the band Boston as a tribute, even if More Than a Feeling is one of our Desert Island Discs. (Nor can we in good faith suggest you listen to the New Kids on the Block, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Extreme.) But you could call your eight-year-old nephew or son because you can. Or you could look back at the photos from that weekend trip you took to Boston University to visit that girl you met on a flight from San Francisco. (Just don't waste your time wondering "What if?" you had married that Harvard MBA. He was still a jerk.) You could look at pictures of Fenway Park, one of the great American baseball stadiums, still standing after 101 years, or fondly remember Larry Bird, surely the most famous Celtic ever, on the court. Watching Good Will Hunting tonight might work, or perhaps The Social Network, The Town or Ted. If not, you could find some reruns of Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, or the classic, Cheers. Speaking of toasts, you could raise a glass to the city's Irish roots with a Jameson or a Guinness, or just raise a spoon to a cup of clam chowder (ideally from Legal Seafood, if you might be so lucky). Even better, you could give blood, or give money to one of the hospitals in Boston. Or just get the blood flowing through the limbs you have. (Stand up! Stretch!) Consider booking a staycation at your local Fairmont, or plan a trip to Boston (with a weekend jaunt to the Cape). Finally plan that visit you've been considering to Tanglewood to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra this summer. Pay attention when your hockey team plays the Bruins next. Read up on the Boston Tea Party. (No, no, not that crazy political group. Don't think about the Big Dig, either. Or why people do the things they do.)

Just do something for Boston today.


The Editor