Ex-Arsenal defender tells of petrol station gaffe on Twitter

Kyle Bartley got caught short today when the Swansea City defender filled up at the pump ... with no cash in his pockets!

Now we know just how much professional footballers make. We have all heard or uttered the words ‘overpaid’ when it comes to the players who entertain us on a weekly basis.

So when we hear about one coming up short on cash it never fails to tickle the ribs.

We do often forget that when not on on that glorious rectangle of green these footballers are just human beings like you or I and are therefore capable of making just as simple a mistake as us mere mortals.

I mean who hasn’t gone to pay for something only to realise you had no cash or card to do so.

Kyle Bartley has.

The former Arsenal trainee and current Swansea City player rolled up at a petrol station today and filled up his tank only to discover, to his horror, he didn’t have the means of paying.

I am sure the irony was not lost on the 21-year-old.

Luckily for him he was driving a nice Range Rover or something like that and certainly doesn’t look like a man strapped for cash and after some sweet-talking managed to be on his way and promised publicly on Twitter to return and pay his dues.

Whether I would get off so lightly in my battered up Renault and charity shop get-up remains to be seen.

Here are the Tweets themselves explaining the amusing incident…

image: © Images_of_Money

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