11 Things That Happened This Day In History - 11th April

Here is a note of 11 things that happened on this day in history

1. 1689 - The coronation of William III and Mary II  takes place, with the Archbishop of Canterbury refusing to officiate at the service

2. 1814 - Napoleon is exiled to the island of Elba

3. 1899 - The treaty ending the Spanish-American War takes effect

4. 1951 - US President Truman appoints General Ridgway as Supreme Commander of the UN forces in Korea, after shocking the American public by dismissing General Macarthur

5. 1956 - James Brown debuts on the R&B charts with Please, Please, Please

6. 1957 - The island of Singapore is granted self-government from Britain

7. 1960 - Jeremy Clarkson is born

8. 1961 - Adolf Eichmann, goes on trial in an Israeli courthouse, accused of mass murder and the helping in the death of millions of Jews in German Concentration Camps during World War II

9. 1970 - Apollo 13 blasts off on a mission to the moon

10. 1981 - The arrest of a black man leads to hundreds of youths rampaging through the streets of Brixton in south London, causing the Brixton riots

11. 1981 - President Ronald Reagan returns to the White House after he was shot in an assassination attempt

Source: BBC, Wikipedia, historyorb.com, infoplease.com, history.co.uk, brainyhistory.com, on-this-day.com

images: © George Rex, © George Rex

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