The Calendar Crush

Online Calendar

We've all been there: sixteen emails about a group dinner date, and still no consensus.

In fact, this is a true story: ten minutes ago, a dinner with eight attendees, which was happening this Thursday, got postponed.

"How about the back-up date of the 25th?" the host wrote. Seven emails later, and it was looking like actually, a new date would be better.

"Maybe the 2nd of May?" she tried. Five emails later, and suddenly this one rolled in:

"Hi all. Have you ever used Doodle to vote on dates? Click on this link, and fill in which dates you can attend. Might be easier than lots more emails to pick a date."

Of course, what followed were six more emails copied to all. "Oh my gosh this is amazing!" "Life-changing!" "How did I not know about this?" "Dates entered!" I replied to her alone. "Ha, in the interest of cutting down those emails, I'm only going to reply to you. But what a great site, thank you!"

Best of all, it's free, you don't have to mess around with registration. You just enter the information, create the page, and send it to your friends in an email.

The end of this story is also true: I have an event to plan now, and am going straight to Doodle.