Blackburn Rovers Job Advertisement: Must Be Useless Must Be Bald

Anyone noticed a trend with Blackburn Rovers managerial appointments under Venky's?

Has anyone noticed an alarming trend when it comes to the managerial appointments at Blackburn Rovers FC.

All three of them are men that you could call folically challenged.

Not for one minute am I suggesting that makes them less suited for the job or that a bald man should have anything to be embarrassed about. Looking at the moonlike crest around my old man’s cranium makes me realise it is only a matter of time before I am getting a wet-shave all over myself.

Or I could save up and get the Wayne Rooney, Michael Vaughan, Jeremie Aliardiere treatment. If I do the Insanity work-out and ring Advance Hair Studio my bouts with insomnia would not be without an end product.

But seriously.

Steve Kean.

Henning Berg.

Michael Appleton.

It seems they sacked Big Sam because of his luscious locks.

So who is next? Brian McDermott immediately springs to mind.

However is not quite as useless as you need to be to manage a club owned by Venky’s.

Now we are after somebody else.

Maybe you just have to be bald?

Lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bruce Willis; fancy a change in your line of work?

I think they would rather ‘Die Hard’ then suffer the ‘Melancholy and Infinite Sadness’ of this ‘stunning’ change of employment.

No it doesn’t seem there is anyone left for the job; except maybe….

image: © joncandy

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