Malaga's controversial owner creates bizarre racism storm

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani made an extraordinary 'racism' claim after their thrilling defeat against Borussia Dortmund.

What a night of Champions League football. Not only did Real Madrid get given a run for their money in Istanbul but Borussia Dortmund completed an unthinkable comeback to defeat Spanish outfit Malaga in Germany.

Trailing 2-1 on the night and on aggregate a semi-final place seemed impossible for Dortmund and the usually passionate fans even began to lose hope.

Until Marco Reus levelled the tie in the 90th minute before Felipe Santana bundled the ball over the line for Dortmund’s third to claim a deserved 3-2 aggregate victory. Every neutrals favourite team are through to the semi-final.

But the result ended up being ruined by a scathing and tempestuous attack by the controversial Malaga owner, president, chairman … dictator; Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani.

The Qatari billionaire acquired Malaga in 2010 and went on a spending spree which has undoubtedly led to most of their current success.

But he has also been quite a terrible owner. He has failed to keep the finances at the club under control which has seen Malaga hemorrhaging money and losing star players such as Santi Cazorla, Nacho Monreal and Salamon Rondon.

Such ‘’financial irregularities’’ have seen Malaga banned from European competition next season.

His attack on the result was at best hilarious and at worst frivolous and borderline slanderous.

He claimed:

"This is not football, but racism and clear of all. I hope to open a thorough investigation [by] Uefa regarding the Spanish club [going] out in this way."

By bringing the vile act of racism into proceedings so nonchalantly he undermines the term; his act of counter-racism is in fact worse than its attribution itself.

He has finally shown himself to be just what he is. A spoilt brat spoon-fed through life who throws money at anything he wants and when he doesn’t get it; he throws his toys out the pram.

Was Santana off-side; perhaps. Was Eliseu off-side; yes. Were both balls going in anyway; absolutely so who cares.

Bringing racism into a realm it does not belong makes Al-Thani as abhorrent as the pig-headed bigots themselves.

Rumour has it that he will relinquish his role at the end of the season and good riddance. Malaga and football will be better off without him.

image: © dyork

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