Report: Xbox 720 won't be backwards compatible

Microsoft's next device back tracks on plans to support 360 games

More details may have been leaked on Microsoft's next generation home console, with reports suggesting that the device wont support Xbox 360 titles.

Many gamers may be disappointed by the move, which could see their library of current-generation titles rendered obsolete with the move to an Xbox 720.

However, as previously reported, Microsoft is planning on marketing a re-designed Xbox 360 that will sell for $99 and could serve as a relatively cheap alternative.

The move away from backwards compatibility comes as a result of Microsoft switching up the technology it uses for the console, reports Bloomberg.

Microsoft's next device will drop the Power PC technology developed by IBM, used by the Xbox 360, in favour of tech made by AMD.

AMD was also recently unveiled as the source of Sony's the chip sets for its upcoming PlayStation 4.

Other details have emerged around the Xbox 720, with a rumored announcement event set to take place at the end of May.

image: © Scott Akerman

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