In Case You Missed Them - Last Week's Top Stories


In case you missed them, here's last week's top stories.

1. The Next Lehman ?

2. 'The World's Worst Bank' Makes Progress, But...

3. 'God They Overpaid' - The Luckiest Bankers In The World ?

4. The Shortest Promotions In Banking History ?

5. Exclusive Email - Jefferies CEO Hits Back At Media Distortions

6. How To Be A Success - The Unconventional Way

7. Bonus Caps - Why They May Not Apply To You After All

8. UBS Says Traders Fired For Serious Misconduct

9. BofA Secretary Who Became 'Playmate of the Year' Dies

10. You Asked What ? Career Killer Questions

11. Wells Fargo Doesn't Approve As Employees Do Great Harlem Shake

12. And Then There Were Two - Goldman and JPMorgan

13. 2013 Best Place To Work - The 64 Qualifiers

14. 9 Damning Comments From The Barclays Review

15. Barclays - You Should Have Known Better

16. Why I Got Fired (Exclusive Pic)

17. People News - BofA, Barclays, Goldman, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, RBS, Standard Chartered

18. Ex-Wife Strikes Back - Another Blow For SAC's Steven Cohen

19. Confessions of a Retail Banker (Parts I - II)

20. Why Is It So Hard For Standard Chartered To Claw Back Bonuses ?

image: © Valerie Everett

JefferiesAnd the Best Place to Work in the global financial markets 2016 is...

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